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The PARAEXPO exhibition has become, over the last few editions, the meeting place for professionals. The 10th edition will bring together around 6,000 professionals and experts, visitors and exhibitors. In view of current pharmaceutical regulations, the 10th edition will mark the minds of professionals.


+30% compared to 2019


+100% compared to 2019


+35% compared to 2019

PARAEXPO in figures

The PARAEXPO exhibition has become, over the last few editions, the meeting place for professionals.

120 Exhibitors

+40% compared to 2023

7500 Visitors

+100% compared to 2023

96% of visitors

Intend to visit the 2024 edition

95% of exhibitors

Intend to participate in the 2024 edition


Why exhibit?

PARAEXPO 2024 is the international pharmacy, paramedical and well-being exhibition par excellence where good deals are born

  • – Find professionals in the field to share their knowledge
  • – Make yourself known and increase your notoriety
  • – Promote your skills, your products and your know-how

PARAEXPO offers you direct contact with your colleagues in the sector and your customers.

PARAEXPO is the fair where professionals in the field meet and share their knowledge.

PARAEXPO is the fair par excellence where good business is born.

PARAEXPO allows you to meet your future partners.

PARAEXPO shortens your sales cycle.

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Why visit?

The 10th edition of the PARAEXPO fair will undoubtedly provide all professionals in the paramedical, parapharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors with everything they expect. It will certainly offer you a very good opportunity, that of allowing you to benefit from your experiences and to inform you sufficiently about everything relating to paramedical, Parapharmacy and cosmetics. Everything is done to ensure the success of your show: conferences, exhibitions, exchanges of ideas, latest news and dialogues with the supervisory authorities.